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Cili Marsall was born in 2000. In 2014 she won a composer-prize from the Cédrus Art Foundation (Hungary). 

In 2015 she won the first prize at the Regional Clarinet Competition (Érd, Hungary). 

The next year she won the first prize at the 13th annual Clarinet Competition, sponsored by the music schools of Hungary; then the shared first prize at the International Clarinet Competition of music schools (Subotica, Serbia, 2016).

As her interest turned in the direction of Boogie Woogie, she took boogie piano lessons from Andreas Sobczyk (Vienna) and Balázs Dániel (Győr, HU).

Since then Cili Marsall has regularly been playing with her father David Laszlo Marsall (cl,sax) on international stages.

In 2018 she performed with the Marsall Quartet at the Bohém Ragtime-Jazz festival (Kecskemét). 

During the same year, she organized her own small nonprofit boogie-festival.

Cili was invited to be a guest musician at the 11th International Boogiewoogie Festival in Győr. In addition Axel Zwingenberger invited her to perform as a guest soloist at Vienna’s Metropol. (Axel Zwingenberger’s Boogie Woogie News, in April of 2019)

In 2019 she performd at the Hamburg Boogie Woogie Connection (organised by Axel Zwingenberger and Vince Weber).

On these performances, she enjoyed playing alongside distinguished Blues and Boogie players, such as Balázs Dániel (HU), Eric Jan Overbeek (NL), Neville Dickie (UK), Mark Lincoln Braun (US), Christian Willisohn (DE), Michael Kaeshammer (CA), Jo Bohnsack (DE) and Axel Zwingenberger (DE). 

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